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[Resolved]ZIP Code search, Create Group button, Change Language

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    i have a couple of questions.

    1. I set up a proximity search form which works great when entering a city or even a full address. But I don’t get results when I just enter a german zip code. Is it possible to search just via zip code?

    2. I want to show a “create group” button in the search results, both for 0 entrys and regular results. At the moment no “create group” button is shown at all.

    3. How do I change language to german? My site runs in german, only plugin text is shown in english like “within 10 km from” or “Order by” etc.

    Cheers Nick


    Hello Nick,

    1) It should be possible to search by zipcode . Please go the the Settings page of GEO my WP ( dashboard -> GEO my WP -> Settings ) and under the General Settings tab enter the country code for Germany in the “Country Code” input box. Update the changes and test the search form again.

    2) Place the script below in the function.php file of your theme and change the value 1 ( in $gmw[‘ID’] == 1 ) to the ID of the form that you are using. The script will add the “Create Button” above the list of results. You will need to style it to match your needs.

    3) For German language you will need a fully translated language files. Right now the German translation files are only half completed. It was done by another user who couldn’t continue updating it.


    Hi Eyal,

    thanks for your help.

    1) I had already set it to DE for Germany right from the start. Do you have any other idea on this one?

    2) Thanks for the snippet. A “Create Group” button is shown now above the search results, but it is not clickable meaning the user is not taken to the “Create Group” URL.

    3) Okay, that is not a big deal.

    Cheers Nick


    You are welcome Nick.

    1) Non of the German zipcodes working? or some of them do but some don’t?

    2) try replacing the button tag with a div tag and try again:


    Hi Eyal,

    1) Some are working, which sounds like the half translation into german. I will let you know in case I translate the rest of the plugin code. It is not a big issue for me…

    2) …unlike the zip code problem. Do you have any suggestion how we proceed on this one?

    3) Thanks for the updated snippet. The button was replaced by a link which works. That’s fine.

    Cheers Nick


    1) Non of the German zipcodes working? or some of them do but some don’t?

    I was referring to the zip-codes you enter in the search form. Are you getting no result with all the German zip-code you have tried or some zip-codes are working?


    Sorry, now I get you right. Apparently it works only for one zip code. My site is hosted locally and in test mode, so i created just a couple of groups (5-6) for the moment.

    I.E. two groups have the zip code 55116, they are not shown on entering 55116. Two other groups are located in a different area, but pretty close to each other. When I use 64297, which is the zip code of one of the groups, it shows both groups in the search results. Since these two groups are less than 10km away from each other this is correct behavior.


    This is a common issue.
    Some zip codes, like many city names exist in more than one state or country in the world.
    For example googling the zip code 55116 I found that it is in Mainz, Rheinland-pfalz Germany but it also the zip-code of SAINT PAUL, Ramsey, Minnesota, United States.

    If that is the case than Google API cannot know to which zipcode you are referring to and it will display search results based on the default zip-code which is usually the one in the US.

    To verify it try entering “55116 DE” in the address field and see if you get results. by sdding the DE after the zipcode you tell Google API to geocode the zip-code which is in Germany and not the US.

    If that is the case than there is not much to do. This is a normal behavior of Google API.


    Thank you for clearing this up. Indeed it works with “55116 DE”.

    Still, what i don’t unterstand: I have set “DE” as country code in the plugin settings and thought this would tell the system that user search input should be interpreted primarily for Germany. Is it possible to set it like this? It would not be very user-friedly to ask for a “DE” behind the zip code.

    Cheers Nick


    Using the country code should overcome the issue you are experiencing. However, as for my knowledge it is not always the case when using Google API.

    I am going to look into that. I should release a new version of GEO my WP this week and I will try to find a workaround.


    Alright, great. Thanks for your very good support. You can close the thread now.


    Oh, one more idea before you close the thread. I might be possible to avoid the zip code problem by using autocomplete suggestions like on your homepage How do I enable this feature on my search form?


    Add the script below to the function.php file of your theme and replace the number 1 in gmw-address-1 to the id of your form:


    Awesome, just what I needed.


    One more thing you can try.
    Go to GEO my WP Settings page and under General Settings tab check the “Client-side geocoder” checkbox. Then try to use the german zipcode alone and see if it works.

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