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[Resolved]zip code search on homepage, results on different page

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    after installing the geo my wp plugin I bought the group locator add-on today.

    I am setting of a community with Buddypress. On the homepage i need a regular search field, where users can enter their zip code. Results (here: buddypress groups within 10 km range of the given zip code) are supposed to be shown on a new page when users confirm the zip code. I set up the search form on the homepage with the shortcode [gmw form="3"], but when I refresh the homepage one of my present groups is shown below the search field with a details, avatar etc. On the actual result page i used [gmw form="results"]. I also set this page as ‘result page’ in the form options. Unfortunately no results are shown on this page.

    Do you have a tutorial or maybe step by step instructions for me how to set up things correct? I think my issue should be sort of a classic case.

    Cheers Nick


    Thank you Niklas for the purchase and support.

    I am currently working on the new Docs site. However, I didn’t get to write the docs for the forms yet. I am here however to help you with any issues you might have.

    Please try changing the shortcode [gmw form=”3″] on the home to [gmw search_form=”3″] and the results shortcode [gmw form=”results”] change to [gmw search_results=”3″].

    Let me know if that helps.


    Hi Eyal,

    first of all thank you for your super quick reply.

    No idea how but since I changed the shortcode the search field on the homepage disappeared. Not even changing it back to the original shortcode [gmw form=”3″] made it come back. I have cleared my cache and logged in again, no changes. Really strange. Any suggestions on that?

    Cheers Nick


    You are welcome Nick,
    Can you provide a link to the live page?


    Hi Eyal,

    found it out 1min later. [gmw search_form=”3″] shows two different quotation marks – ” and ″ (last one is correct). I will have several follow up questions for sure in the next days. But for now it seems to work 🙂

    PS. The page is hosted locally, but i will transfer it to a webserver soon.

    Thanks for your help.



    You are welcome. I am glad it is now working.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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