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Zoom Level Not Working In Single Map Shortcode – Help!

Forums F.A.Q Zoom Level Not Working In Single Map Shortcode – Help!

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    I’ve added the following shortcode to my post to show its location – which works, but I cannot get the map to zoom to either fit the location to the window, or to a specific number. The Map seems to ignore the zoom level each time.

    The shortcode I am using is:

    [gmw_single_location map="1" map_width="100%" map_height="300px" additional_info="0" zoom_level="5"]


    [gmw_single_location map_width="100%" map_height="300px" zoom_level="15"]

    I’ve also tried:

    [gmw_single_location map_width="100%" map_height="300px" zoom_level=15]

    None of the above work.


    I am going to test it and get back to you.


    Hi Eyal,

    I’m still having problems with the map not working on my page – it doesn’t display the map properly in the window, and doesn’t center and zoom on the map pin.

    I’ve put a link to a page using the map in the private content section of this post. If you could let me know why this isn’t working, I’d appreciate it.

    Thanks, Rich

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    Hi Mav,
    The only thing I see when I go to this page is the logo with the support message and the contact information.

    Make sure the page/site is not blocked for non logged-in users.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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