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  • @Eyal I am looking forward to an update here next week if you can as this would be a great addition here. I too like Kristian have a tourism site and its simply a must have feature for me. The current widget is actually a little too complex when its seeking out the user geo position to be honest. I will check back in next week. Thanks

    @Eyal, I hope you are well. I am just checking in with you to see if you had made any progress with this widget. I would love to be the first to try it out and bug test it for you as my site is now just live and this widget is extremely important to my live site, so if you need a test site please let me know. Thank you again.

    Super, this would be fantastic addition because in its most basic level I think there are many use cases for the nearby posts widget to be linked with the location of the post rather than say the location of the browsing user. 2 weeks would be super 🙂 Look forward to it.

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    Thanks for the update here, I think definitely this is a good addition to the next release so I look forward to this.

    I tried your quick fix here and unfortunately it did not work but more than likely something I am doing wrong. My excerpt code now looks like this an I am editing the file: plugins/gmw-global-maps/posts/templates/popup/left-white/content.php

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    Just a quick follow up here. When the location is not known can the widget simply not show. I know the tribe events widget works this way and it is a kind of a fall back here. Basically when no events are in the calendar then the widget simply hides itself from view. This would be useful here for users who have the cookies turned off here?

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    I see now you can exclude or include from a taxonomy which is great. Thanks for this feature, very very important.

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    Thank you Eyal, that pointed me in the right direction here. Much appreciated.

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    Has this feature been added as of yet? I need to display a global large map with 15 posts from a particular category and then a separate map with 15 posts from a different category. Basically I need to show a map with markers on it from a specific category or even using tags? Is this possible now that version 2.5 has been released? Thanks

    Hello Eyal, thank you kindly for the reply here. Thanks for understanding my request based on categories and I am glad you feel it could be a good addition to your Global Maps addon in the future. I have seen this function now alot on sites whereby the categories has one map on the right like I describe and it groups the icons/locations together on it. I am sure you understand this of course but this would be very cool feature.

    Thank you for explaining the single post widget shortcode as this is indeed extremely valuable to my site and exactly what I needed on the single blog post pages.

    Now I just wait for the exact same map widget based on a category of posts and something you could display on the categories sidebar 🙂 Have a nice week mate and keep us updated on progress, best of luck with this great plugin.

    Just a quick follow up here guys to see if what I am asking here is possible or is there a work around for this – or is this even how this addon works? Maybe I need a different addon to achieve this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Hi there, when I go into my gravity forms 1.8.5 and look at the field choices I do not see the GEO fields? This is why I assumed it had something to do with Activation key here. So right now its not working as far as I can tell, can you explain how to get the fields to show up in gravity forms if I can continue to use it? or email me the new version directly jamesosullivan1 [@]

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    Any fix for this, I too have the same issue – paid for it and its not working?

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    Has there been any resolution to this? I am in the same position here, just purchased this addon for gravity forms and again not working? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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