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    i am sorry if i do not understand understand you. do
    you want to have the location field just to be able to show the user his current location ? or do you need it for a different use (“will always show him the proper info according to his location” – i am a little confuse with this one) .

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    This is interesting. seems like it will be a great addition. right now the location’s information is being saved only in the custom table of the plugin in the database. Now, are you looking to sync the information from the buddypress use’s profile into extended profile fields that then will go to facebook or the other way around? from facebook to the xprofile fileds and then to the user’s location fields.

    to sync from the location fields into the extended profile fields maybe will be easier to archive. if you look into the plugin’s folder/plugins/wppl-friends-locator/wppl-friends-locator.php. this files contains the addlocation() function that saves the location’s data to the database. maybe within this function we can hook another function that will also save the location’s information into the extended profile fields. also, we will need another function that will create the profile fields when the user activates or updates the plugin.

    this should not be very difficult if we can find the right buddypress hooks that will let us dynamically create and update the extended profile fields.

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    Sorry I missed you post I saw it just now while going over the posts. I am not sure yet what will cause the language issue. I will look at it and look for solution.
    I’ll keep you posted.

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    your welcome,
    is everything else working fine?

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    As for the location function I guess right now it has more use for the premium version but also for the free one. Once the site gets the current location of a user it save it via cookies. Later you can use that to automatically display results near user’s location when first going to a search page. In the premium version there are two widgets that uses the info of the saved location: one that displays near by members and the other displays near by locations (post types).

    About the other question, the plugin works in a way that when a user goes to location tab in his profile he will see the edit location page but when the other users go there they will see the map of his location.

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    Thank you Mario , now I will definitely take a look at the gravity forms plugin. I have never used it before so I am not sure how it works but I know it is popular so it worth taking a look at. I might contact the developers as well to get some ideas of how I could make it work.

    Also I am not sure how you are planing to save information from the gravity forms plugin into the custom table but if you can it might work. The custom table ( wp_places_locator) includes few columns that hold the post title ,lat,long, zipcode , city and address. When ever one is updating a post there is a function that runs and update the location information into the custom table.

    I can probably add the option to display the full address in the location widget. I just didn’t think that someone would look for that since the address could be too long and take lot of space on the screen.

    About the custom fields in the search form. I had users already asking about it but I am not sure about it yet. It will take a good amount of coding to add the feature and it will not be as great performance-wise. I will have to make some other tables joins and will have to run extra queries which will make the search function slower specially when having lots of data in the locations table. I will still keep it in mind and take a look once I am down with some updates and features that are already being developed.

    And I’ll keep you posted about the premium version.

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    Hi Mari,
    There is no way right now to use an existing custome fields for lat/long. Since the data of the location is being saved in a custom table you must save each post when creating or editing a location.

    Also, there is no gravity form integration right now but this is something I will probably look at for a future feature. Does WpGeo works together with gravity forms? I will also take a look at wpgeo and maybe a way to import already existing location into geo my wp but I am not sure about I yet.

    If you still looking to get the premium version I suggest you to wait few day. There are a bug or two that need to be fixed and I also need to get the documentation ready. Hopefully by the end of the coming weekend it will be ready.

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    Hi Ovidiu,
    I am not sure what could cause the issue but I will probably be able to take a look at it tomorrow night. I came back last night from a 3 weeks vacation so I’m a little rusty 🙂

    However, if I understand you, once the site gets your location it is only save it via cookies to later use it for some functions but not to save it in your profile. You do need to go to your profile and enter the location mentally ( in the free version). In the premium version you get few option to save the location: auto locate, drag/drop marker on the mAp, autocomplete, manually enter address or menually enter lat/long.

    When you do enter the address menually do you get the lat/long retured?
    Which map is not showing?

    in reply to: Profile fields are not displaying in search #29952

    Thank you Max,
    i am not sure about this issue yet and i am not able to look into it right now since i am away from home. I’ll be back in few days and jump back into the project. i will look for what could be the cause for this issue and hopefully will have a quick fix.
    i’ll keep you posted.

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    Thank you Johnny 🙂

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    Thank you Johnny 🙂

    in reply to: Show all members on a map #34531

    Hi Heidipj,
    There is no way to display all members right now but it shouldn’t be very difficult to accomplish. I’ll be back home in few days and be back to the project. i will probably add a dimple shortcode that will display map of all members.

    i’ll keep you posted.

    in reply to: How do I purchase the premium version? #34536

    you can find the premium version in but i think you should wait at least few days. The documentation is not ready yet and there are few minor bugs that need to be fixed. i will be back home in few days and will get it ready.
    i cannot recall all the different features right now but few of them are:
    – Near by locations widget – will automatically display near by locations based on the user locations.
    – Near by members – will automatically display near by buddypress members based on user’s location.
    – you can add and use your own map icons
    – you can use per post/member map icon.
    – set posts as feature posts (could be good for paid members), using that you will be able to mark the featured posts in the search results. you will also be able to display number of feature posts at the top of the results or you could use the near posts widgets to display only featured posts.

    in reply to: Is this plugin WP Multisite capable? #34538

    Hi Johnny,
    Multisite is not the strong side of the plugin yet. right now you can use the plugin per site in a multisite installation but there is no connection between the different sites. However, i am planing to improve it and add new features. i am not sure what i will be able to add but you can give some suggestion and i’ll look into it and see what can be done.
    Thank you

    in reply to: Taxonomies filter for Near Locations Widget #30386

    Hi Cris and John,
    this is something i was thinking about but probably will add it later. it was a pain in the b*** to add the taxonomies to the shortcode and it won’t be very easy to do it in the widget. However, i will take a look and see if i can do copy and paste kinda to the code from the shortcode to the widget to make it easier.
    i’ll be back home in few days from my vacation and jump back into the project. i’ll keep you posted.

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