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    Tomgrow, this is great. Could you post a link so I could see ? And maybe post the solution here for Jacqui and other users that are looking for it?

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    i did not forget you jacqui 🙂
    i will probably add this feature in the next update when i’ll be back in two weeks or so. i just can’t find enough free time here to do it.

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    Thank you Jacqui,
    This is weird. this error is not suppose to be there since the “mark featured posts” feature does not exist in the free version. did you buy the premium version?

    About the custom fields, i can probably think about this one but it wont be something very easy to accomplish and also wont be great for performance. it will require joining multiple table and and multiple SQL queries. i will still look into this one.

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    Hi Tomgrow,
    I am already planing to add a text field for a post title lookup ( not for description). I am not sure how to exactly do it right now but it seems that you are in the right direction. I am away in my country right now for 3 weeks so I don’t get to work on the plugin. However , if I’ll have a free night to look into it I might get it for you. But I can’t promise. But when I will be back I will to release an update of few bug fix so I’ll try to add this function already by then.

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    Hi Seanco,
    Yes, I have made lot of changes in the last update but it shouldn’t be too hard for you to adopt it to your app.
    I didn’t like the structure of the styling and I had to change it but the base styling is still the same.
    I’ll try to explain better:
    The way it was the plugIn had one stylsheet with all the deferent styles in it. For example wppl-single-wrapper-default or wppl-single-wrapper-blue and so on. It was a mess and hard to keep changing or updating it. it was also using the same wppl_results.php which made it difficult to give different structure to the results for each style.
    Now I change it so each style have its own results.php (instead of wppl_results)and it own CSS.
    Most of the DIV tags are still the same but without the name of the style. So instead of wppl-single-result-blue it will be wppl-single-result. So first you need to remove all the “-blue” form your DIV tags in your stylesheet.
    Also the result.php page Looks different but it is only because I wrapped each part of the results into its on function. so for example wppl_the_title() is a function that includes the DIV that wraps the title and the code that displays the function. I tried to made it easy for users to just move the functions around or to add and remove them in order to give a different look to the results.
    If you’ll look at template_function.php you’ll see all the functions of the results page. If you’ll go to the folder “themes” you’ll see the different styles in there. Just go to the folder of the style that you want and see the result.php page. I believe that It won’t be too difficult for you to adapt the new version. You’ll have to do some adjustments but you should be fine. Anyway
    Make sure you make a backup of your current version of the plugin before you update.
    Also I can help you with anything you need. Just let me know if you have any other questions.


    in reply to: Locator Icon and other minor issues #29965

    I am glad you liked the changes, finally I get a comment on that.
    About the locator Icon you can look at the class value of the DIV tag and add styling to your stylsheet to move it a little to fit within the input field. I will probably add an option in the next update to choose if to have the icon within the field or next to it. Since I can’t make it in a way that it will stay within in all themes.
    The direction link color you can also Easily change by adding the styling to your stylsheet. I made it white on top of the black background to make it stand out unless it came out differently on your site?

    About the translation.
    I started learning about it and tried a little test. that is why the folder is there. However, in the past 2 months I was working 24/7 on the new update and on the premium version. Since I was adding a lot of new things and made lot of changes I didn’t/couldn’t deal with translation at the same time since this is new to me.
    Now when the premium version is ready the next thing is deffinitly the translation. It’ll probably take some time but I’ll get it done.

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