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    Hi Eyal!

    Thanks for the reply, I will definitely look at the beta version I hope that it’s easier to implement the Buddypress activities search functionality. I’ve read the beta release notes and it looks really nice. I like the centralized tables instead of multiple tables.

    I know you are pretty busy with everything else but since it’s something on your to do list, do you happen to have a timeframe for some of the features/extensions you want to roll out?

    I’ll keep chipping away at adding trying to add location search capabilities to bp activities.

    —- A little bit of code help here —-
    While looking at the wordpress global class $wpdb i notices that there are tables declared as public inside the class and saw that the plugin uses $wpdb->$posts.ID which refers to the posts table and the ID column. If I wanted to extend the $wpdb class using /wp-contents/db.php how would I go about adding the bp_activities table similar to the posts one mentioned above.

    Thanks for the guidance and insight on my question. And thanks for the great plugin I look forward to testing out the beta version of GEO my WP 3.0


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)