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    I was able to get the custom results template to work at the following path

    Following the same logic I cannot get my custom search form template to display
    I’ve tried the following file path name combinations. What am I missing?




    in reply to: Support 2.2 beta #28697

    Thanks! With those hints I got it working!!! =)

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    All email addresses will have similar problems. Can you provide a download link? I won’t share it and you can remove it once I’ve downloaded.

    in reply to: Form and results layout #33868

    I’m having trouble using the option to display results in another page.
    I have my pages arranged in a hierarchy and unless I put the results page in the root, the form doesn’t resolve properly.

    For example, I have the following page hierarchy….
    …Product 1
    …Product 2
    …Service 1
    …Service 2
    …Solution 1
    …Solution 2
    About Us

    If I select Service 1 as the result page, when I click the form submit, it should resolve to but instead it tries to show results in and of course that page does not exist.

    in reply to: Form and results layout #33870

    $post->formatted_address worked perfectly, thanks!

    Crude mock up attached to illustrate layout.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)